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Raising brand awareness is a never-ending desire.  The beauty of digital technology and platforms means that we are never short of opportunities.  I suppose a common conundrum is how do we refresh our content, secure engagement and traction and ultimately generate that return on any investment.  There is no panacea for all, but I wanted to share one tactic that is proving inspirational in strategic decision-making at the moment. 

There are some brands that select ambassadors and celebrity endorsement, often not inexpensive, but content that derives interest and as a consequence awareness and profile raising.   So what if there was such a way this Year to bring that same impressive content to your own marketing channels.  Taster videos, product launches, docu-series, IGTV and more besides – introducing a celebrity face can give communications a lift and motivate your audiences.

There is a way!   We represent a digital media agency named Authentic Athletes. It is based in Canada and for the last couple of years extended its reach into the UK and Australia.  So what do we do to make that celebrity proposition affordable and within the focus of SMEs s well as larger household brands?

Authentic Athletes is a specialist agency producing and publishing emotive, engaging content in partnership with high profile sports personalities and commercial brands. We create boutique content that is distributed across a range of social media, digital sports platforms, and over-the-top (OTT) sports streaming channels.

Our sports people tell authentic stories, which resonate with fans and customers around the World or predetermined target markets. We carefully align connected brands, integrate them into each content series, and bring those brands to life via a range of bespoke publication and activation options.   Find out more at this web page and review the presentation and sample video. See:

A couple of common reasons we are noticing in clients choosing to work with us.  One, for enterprises that have maybe, neither the in-house resource to tackle such an exciting project themselves and seek to work with a trusted, experienced partner; or didn’t realise there were other ways to bring such ventures within their capabilities.  Following on from this, the second, the selection of our tactics by organisations in the not-for-profit sector, whereby a charitable body can further its aims through the generosity of a donor or sponsor funding the content production.

I’d enjoy the chance to speak with you. Authentic Athletes plans, produces and distributes professionally curated, longtail content, telling engaging athlete stories on behalf of commercial sponsors and brands. We’re not a platform, we’re simply storytellers with a commercial focus.

We’re building our suite of commercial activities in the UK and intend to commence filming over the coming months. I’d enjoy the chance to speak with anyone regarding the opportunity to develop a one off or content series.

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