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Etihad Host

ACROBAT FCSM is really looking forward to leading a talented professional panel of sponsorship experts at the Etihad Stadium, home to Manchester City Football Club.

The panel involves people at the top of their game in sponsorship, partnerships and commercial. Our CEO, Adrian Stores, has compiled the group which is a key part of Football Directory’s Exhibition at the Ground. He will contribute to the discussions and MC the initiative alongside people from Stoke City FC, Sedulo and Blackburn Rovers FC. In addition, ACROBAT FCSM is sponsor of this entire fixture.

Image shown is logo of MCFC Blues in Business Networking Group created by our design team at Pazarllama.

Rebranding our Designs

The new name for our creative services at ACROBAT FCSM including: branding, web, video and ‘meta+’. Taking its name from the Turkish for market = pazar; and the social animal that is = the Llama. A double entendre with the Turkish word for marketing that is infact pazarlama.

What’s the Meta?

Didn’t take long for our article on the metaverse to be syndicated in the Turkish media today courtesy of Ekospor. Decided to share some musings on the metaverse and metasphere after the rebranding of Facebook has catapulted the topic up the listings, with potential opportunities for marketers to follow. Read the full blog post here:

We try to demystify the topic somewhat by reference to several experts and scholars on this subject.

Spotify Podcasts

It is no surprise that ACROBAT FCSM has had authoritative people from the varied worlds within sports, queuing up to appear on the Company’s podcast and vlogs.  Now available to wider audiences, every interview with a hand-picked ‘Sporting Genie’ can be listened to via Spotify and/or Buzzsprout and watched on YouTube.  These topical debates feature guests that may be outside the usual, mainstream media, but who have a wealth of knowledge to share in these interesting debates.

Sports Psychology

“Delirium” is a topical resource with athletes, managers and entrepreneurs looking for potential solutions to manage the mind – both to minimize unproductive sets and to enhance performances in both work and play.

Moving Pictures speak a thousand words

He is a Chartered Marketer himself and Fellow of the Institute. Adrian will Chair the programme.
The use of video marketing in digital communications is becoming more prevalent in the modern day techniques used by marketers. This session brings together academic research of the marketplace, identified demands, and real life case studies from practitioners in these disciplines, highlighting the ‘wins’ and ‘pitfalls’ to share best practice.


We say formalise, but actually the plan is as follows: simply to get these advisors together twice a year – for a lunch and a ‘development’ afternoon.

No cost to the respective parties as we sponsor the initiative – just wanting ACROBAT | FCSM and trusted partners to have this reinforcement of added value to their own activities, from credible ‘players’ in the industry. Plus, referrals of forthcoming opportunities.